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A powerful, custom built Content Management System that will make managing every aspect of your website a total breeze. From editing pages to managing user log in sections, Skypanel can do it all.

Editing Your Website

If you plan to update your website on a regular basis you'll need a CMS. Skypanel is a custom built CMS that is tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Popular Plugins

  • Sitemap

    Edit the entire structure of your website, add new pages and edit existing pages.

  • Blog

    Add a fully functional blog to your website, post new articles and moderate comments.

  • Products

    Add and edit products on your website, add videos and image galleries to each product.

  • Ecommerce

    Add complete ecommerce functionality to your website, to find out more get in touch.


Intuitive interface

Intuitive and easy to use

Once your project has been completed we provide a remote training session to show you the ropes and get you started using the system. Skypanel has been built with usability in mind, we want to make things easy for you! It's incredibly easy to use, and most people who use computers regularly will pick it up within a matter of minutes.

Tailor made

A tailor made system just for you

Most off the shelf systems are incredibly complex and offer functionality that most people will never use or need. Skypanel is different, we start with a blank canvas then build the system just to fit your requirements. Sounds expensive right!? Nope, we've built plugins that handle some of the most popular tasks, like editing pages or adding a blog article, so most of what you'll need pre-built, it's just a case of putting it all together.


Customisable and flexible

Because we can customise the system very quickly, we can build bespoke plugins that can cater for your exact needs. For example if you want to add specific data on a product, maybe you want to offer a PDF information download, add a picture gallery or add a video, the data inputs are customised entirely to your specification. It is this flexibility and ease of customisation that really sets Skypanel apart.

Works on mobiles and tablets

Works on mobiles and tablets

Want to add a blog post or check in on your sales when you're on the go? No problem, Skypanel is mobile ready so you'll be able to use it on your mobile or tablet computer wherever you are providing you have access to the internet. You can even install it as an app on your iPhone and iPad!

Legendary support

Legendary support

Every version of Skypanel we provide comes with totally unlimited support, this means if something goes wrong, it is fixed for you, if you are having trouble carrying out a specific task or if you've forgotten how to do something in Skypanel, we're on hand to help you as much as you need.

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