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We create bespoke web software that streamlines and automates manual processes, helps you manage your business and your customers. We'll make your business more productive and your life easier.

Bespoke Web Software

From automating invoice creation and sending them to your clients to creating a client area that manages deliverables and payment. Whatever business you're in, if you have digital processes, we can help you streamline and automate them.

What's Possible?

  • Automation

    We take your manual processes, simplify them then let the software do the leg work!

  • Digitising

    We can build software that digitises how you manage elements of your business and your staff.

  • Integration

    We can integrate with other third party software that you use such as accountancy software.

Case Studies

Elite 1 Elite 2 Elite 3 Elite 4

Elite Remaps Ltd

Elite Remaps are one of the largest wholesalers of vehicle remaps in the UK. They provide remaps to hundreds of mobile tuning companies and garages throughout Europe. They were using emails to manage the delivery of files back and forth with their dealers then forwarding emails to accounts for them to take note and create invoices as necessary at the end of the month.

What we did:

We created a portal that manages the delivery of files back and forth between Elite and their dealers, it notifies both parties via email and SMS. Dealers can log in to submit new files, download returned files, view invoices and pay for them. All the files are tracked so Elite can see exactly how much any dealer owes at any point. Invoices are automatically created and emailed on the 1st of every month. Dealers are reminded automatically when payment is due and if they fail to make payment before the due date their account is automatically suspended.

  • Client portal
  • Automated invoicing
  • Payment reminders
  • Credit card payment integration
  • SMS notifications
  • Streamlined delivery process
Per Call 1 Per Call 2 Per Call 3 Per Call 4 Per Call 5 Per Call 6 Per Call 7

Per Call Ltd

Per Call Ltd offer a revolutionary lead generation service for tradesmen. They use trade and location specific websites to generate inbound phone calls that are diverted directly to the tradesmen. All the phone calls are logged and physically recorded, the tradesmen are given access to a bespoke online portal so they can see exactly what they have received.

What we did:

We used Skypanel to create a complete CRM and business management tool. It allows them to manage the content of all of their lead generation websites, take new orders and manage clients, their accounts and their payment details for Direct Debit. We also built the telecoms platform to direct and manage the call routing to the tradesmen along with the online portal for the tradesperson to log into to see and listen to their phone calls. Ths software automates as much of the business processes as possible, so things like sending out welcome emails and submitting the monthly Direct Debit roll are all completely automated.

  • Client portal
  • Automated invoicing
  • Website management
  • Client management
  • Telecoms integration and control
  • Direct Debit payment integration
  • SMS notifications
  • Automated emails
  • Automated order and sign up processing
  • Real time revenue statistics
Vision 1 Vision 2 Vision 3

Vision Housing Ltd

Vision Housing provide supported housing accommodation to young people, single parents and anyone in need in Leeds. They are required by industry regulations to keep a record of each and every contact any of their care workers have with their clients.

What we did:

Vision Housing were using a paper filing system to log activity on their cases, this was proving impractical, inefficient and time consuming. We built a bespoke portal where Vision's staff sign on to and log each contact against their case files digitally. They can now easily find their case files and overview the activity within them in seconds. We built in custom categorisation and a powerful search function to make it easy for the staff to access the information that they need quickly and easily. There are different sets of user privileges for the tiers of management, so the top privileges have full access yet the lowest privilege have access to only the essential basic functions of the system.

  • Staff portal
  • Client management system
  • Bespoke user privileges
  • Staff can log events on their phones

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